Submit your paper or demo to MapInteract 2015 if your work is related to interaction and concerned with one or more of the following topics (not limited to these):

  • Map Interaction
  • Spatial User Interfaces and Interaction Techniques
  • Human-Computer Interaction with Spatial Information and Representations
  • Interactive Spatial Visual Analytics
  • Spatial Visualization Techniques
  • Multi-modal Spatial Interfaces
  • Tangible Interfaces for Spatial Information
  • Interaction Design for Small, Large, Shared or Ambient Displays
  • Algorithms for Interactive and Dynamic Maps
  • Multi-user Interaction, Cooperation, Collaboration

We are explicitly looking for submissions from diverse domains and disciplines (not limited to these):

  • Cartography
  • Location-Based Services in Built Environments
  • Geography
  • Architecture
  • Smart Cities
  • Health
  • Disaster Management
  • Volunteered Geographic Information/Crowdsourcing