MapInteract 2013 – Program

08:00-09:00 Breakfast

09:00-09:50 Opening Remarks & Individual Introduction

09:50-10:30 Session 1: Perceptual and Cognitive Aspects

The influence of gaze history visualization on map interaction sequences and cognitive maps
Ioannis Giannopoulos (ETH Zurich), Peter Kiefer (ETH Zurich) and Martin Raubal (ETH Zurich)

The Effects of 2D and 3D Maps on Learning Virtual Multi-level Indoor Environments
Hengshan Li (University of Maine) and Nicholas Giudice (University of Maine)

10:30-11:00 Coffee Break

11:00-12:20 Session 2: Interacting with Geo-Visualisations

Interfacing Real Time Ozone Information
Ilyas Uyanik (University of Houston), Dan Price (University of Houston), Panagiotis Tsiamyrtzis (University of Athens) and Ioannis Pavlidis (University of Houston)

Examining the Impact of Regional Familiarity and Design Characteristics on Use of a Map-based News Visualization
Mohamad.H Salimian (Dalhousie University), Stephen Brooks (Dalhousie University) and Derek. F Reilly (Dalhousie University)

GeoSpy: a Web3D Platform for Geospatial Visualization
Nikita Sharakhov (Virginia Tech), Nicholas Polys (Virginia Tech) and Peter Sforza (Virginia Tech)

Assessing End-User Interaction for Multi-Criteria Local Search with Heatmap and Icon based Visualizations
Chandan Kumar (University of Oldenburg), Benjamin Poppinga (OFFIS – Institute for Information Technology Oldenburg), Daniel Haeuser (University of Oldenburg), Wilko Heuten (OFFIS – Institute for Information Technology Oldenburg) and Susanne Boll (University of Oldenburg)

12:20-12:30 Demo Pitch

12:30-14:00 Lunch

14:00-15:30 Session 3: Demo Hands on

The Global Solar and Wind Atlas: a unique Global Spatial Data Infrastructure for all renewable energy
Jacinto Estima (Masdar Institute of Science and Technology Abu Dhabi), Nicolas Fichaux (International Renewable Energy Agency – IRENA Abu Dhabi), Lionel Menard (MINES ParisTech Paris) and Hosni Ghedira (Masdar Institute of Science and Technology Abu Dhabi)

A GUI Based LIDAR Data Processing System for Modeling and Mapping Generation
Zheng Cui (Florida International University), Keqi Zhang (Florida International University), Chengcui Zhang (The University of Alabama at Birmingham), Jianhua Yan (, Inc.) and Shu-Ching Chen (Florida International University)

Interacting with Multi-Perspective Views: Challenges and Approaches
Sebastian Pasewaldt (University of Potsdam), Jürgen Döllner (University of Potsdam)

The San Francisco Public Art Map Application: Using VGI and Social Media to Complement Institutional Data Sources
Nancy Milholland (University of Southern California) and Edward Pultar (University of Southern California)

Multiview User Interface Coordination in Browser-Based Geovisualization Environments
Alexander Savelyev (Pennsylvania State University,)

SMAALL – Interacting with a Smart Home through a Synchronized Scale Model
Christoph Stahl (DFKI GmbH) and Sebastian Beins (DFKI GmbH)

Falko Schmid (University of Bremen)

15:30-16:00 Coffee Break

16:00-17:20 Session 4: Algorithms for Interactive Maps

Historical map polygon and feature extractor
Mauricio Giraldo Arteaga (New York Public Library Labs)

Road segment selection with strokes and stability
Thomas C. Van Dijk (University of Würzburg), Krzysztof Fleszar (University of Würzburg), Jan-Henrik Haunert (University of Würzburg) and Joachim Spoerhase (University of Würzburg)

Flexible Route Guidance Through Turn Instruction Graphs
Dennis Luxen (MapBox Inc.)

Creating Task-Specific Maps with Map Content Transformations
Bernhard Schmitz (Universität Stuttgart) and Thomas Ertl (Universität Stuttgart)

17:20-18:00 Concluding Remarks