The 1st ACM SIGSPATIAL Workshop on MapInteraction

About MapInteract

Maps are all around us and the visual core of spatial information. We use them on the Internet, in mobile devices, navigation systems, analysis and planning tools, for information visualization, or gaming. Whenever maps are involved, it usually is not about displaying static information, but about finding, accessing, adding, or editing information. We want to inspect relationships between entities, navigate through large result sets, and identify best solutions. Whatever it is, we need to express our needs and requirements such that algorithms and data can provide the answer. However, working with maps is surprisingly awkward. Even simple queries can require a lot of interaction, the formulation of complex queries is sometimes not even possible – although we know more about the user, the context, and the task than ever before.

With MapInteract 2013 we want to explore the future of maps as fully interactive interfaces. We are seeking for contributions addressing different facets of interactivity with maps: from interaction design and studies to algorithms and data enabling interaction. The application of maps is highly diverse and we aim to to provide a forum bringing researchers and practitioners of many domains and backgrounds together.

We invite the submission of research papers and interactive demos to discuss and experience new map-based interaction techniques and modalities, algorithms involved in interaction and visualization, user studies, adaptation, research agendas, common challenges.


This workshop is about interaction, and so is the format. We want to create a platform for exchanging ideas, discussion, and demonstration between researchers and practitioners. To make our workshop an agile experience, we are aiming at a mixture of talks and hands-on experience with interactive demos.

Are you developing novel interaction designs for specific tasks, users, or application areas? Are you designing new algorithms and procedures to perform map-based interactions? Are you developing novel interactive visualizations to explore new knowledge? Whatever it is you can submit and present your work in two ways: paper&talk or paper&demo. We will have dedicated sessions for both, allowing theory, experience, and communication come together for an inspiring workshop.